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Alarm System Reviews

What’s the best alarm system? There are lots of questions to ask before securing your home with an alarm system. Luckily, we set out on mission to put an end to the confusion. With unbiased alarm system reviews, we’ll help you find the best alarm system for your home. Find out information about each company’s background, equipment, pricing and most importantly – customer service.


Our Top Rated Alarm System

If you’re really interested in getting an the best alarm system, we highly recommend taking a look at FrontPoint Security or Protect America. They excel in nearly every category when it comes to our rating system.

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Best Home Alarm Systems

There are over 30,000 alarm system companies in the United States. So, what’s the best alarm company? Here is our list of the best home alarm systems overall. Check out our review of the best home alarm systems.

Best Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are the latest and greatest trend in home security. We ranked the best in wireless home alarm systems. What’s the best wireless alarm system? Read our review of the best wireless alarm systems.

Best DIY Alarm Systems

Professional alarm system installation used to be an industry standard. It’s slowly becoming a Do-It-Yourself world in home alarms. Some of the best alarm companies in the country provide DIY alarm systems. See who ranked highest in DIY home security. Read our review of the best Do It Yourself alarm systems.

Best Cellular Alarm Systems

Phone line and broadband alarm systems have become too easy for burglars to defeat. Cellular alarm systems are the safest and most reliable alarm systems on the market today. Several of the top alarm companies offer extremely competitive cellular system pricing. Read our review of the best cellular alarm systems.


Best Alarm System Companies

The alarm company is just as important as the alarm system itself. We set out to review both the alarm systems and the alarm companies. Some companies excel in customer service, which we feel is important for someone trying to secure their home. Check out our list of the best alarm system companies.

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What Do Alarm System Report’s Alarm System Reviews Cover?

Alarm System Report is your main source for alarm system reviews , news and tips to help you choose the best alarm system. Our alarm system reviews cover a Company Overview, Alarm System Pricing, Alarm Company Customer Service, Installation, Equipment, and Discounts.

The alarm system reviews are designed to give you an in depth look at each alarm company and alarm system offered. After reading our reviews you should be able to narrow down your list of alarm companies to two or three. The idea is to help you find the best alarm system and best alarm company for your needs. Alarm System Report alarm system reviews are some of the most thorough and extensive alarm reviews on the internet.


How We Conducted The Alarm System Reviews

Conducting thorough alarm system reviews is no simple task. We researched dozen of alarm companies along with our alarm system experts to try to find the top alarm systems and top alarm companies. There were several different criteria used to determine the best alarm systems including alarm system equipment, customer service, and pricing to name a few. After conducting our research we narrowed our list down to ten.

To make things even simpler for you we’ve listed the top five alarm systems and companies and focused on these on our alarm system review pages. Trust us when we tell that you researching several different alarm companies can not only be time consuming but extremely daunting. Alarm System Report set out to create the best alarm system reviews so that you can find the information you need all in one place, saving you time and angst as you search for you new home alarm system.


Common Questions About Alarm System Reviews

Every so often we receive inquiries about our alarm system reviews and how they can help. Here are some of the common questions about alarm system reviews:

How Often Do You Update Your Alarm System Reviews?

We attempt to keep a watchful eye on all of the alarm companies and alarm systems we feature so that we can keep our alarm system reviews as up to date as possible. If there are any major developments that we believe alters our top alarm system rankings we will make changes immediately. Aside from that we do another round of reviews at the end or beginning of each calendar year to ensure that our alarm system reviews are current.

Who Are The Experts That Helped Conduct The Reviews?

As we said before we worked alongside several alarm industry experts to help us conduct our alarm system company reviews. These expert were spread across the industry with some coming from executive positions, sales, and technical areas such as installers. All experts have thorough industry knowledge and many years of experience. While we like to consider ourselves experts on the matter as well, the help of our alarm industry experts makes our alarm reviews second to none.

How Many Alarm Companies Do You Review?

We initially research over two dozen alarm companies to find the best alarm companies and best alarm systems. We narrowed our alarm system reviews down to ten companies, while focusing on the top five. In theory we could have reviewed several more and provided a ton of information about each company, however, we felt this was a bit counterintuitive. In the end what you really want to know is who is the best. If we give you a list of the top five or top ten alarm companies in can be much easier for you to research and won’t take nearly as much time to find the best alarm system and company for you.

What Other Information Can Be Found In The Alarm System Reviews?

Aside from the main aspects of the alarm system review that we discussed earlier, such as equipment, pricing, customer service, and installation we also provide a number of alarm system discounts with each review. The discounts pertain to each alarm company that is being reviewed. We also give you the opportunity to contact each alarm company by providing a contact telephone number as well as a Contact Form that allows you to receive a quote from the alarm company of choce.


What To Do With Our Alarm System Reviews

After going through and reading our alarm system reviews it’s time to start thinking about which alarm companies you are going to call. Alarm System Report recommends calling at least two alarm companies, unless of course you have already decided on one after reading the reviews. Use our reviews as a guide to learn more about each company and system and get a ballpark price.

Next, use the contact information with each alarm system review to contact the alarm companies of your choice. When calling the alarm company you should have a pretty good idea about what their system entails and what it may cost. This will save you a lot of phone time with the alarm company. Plus, this will bypass those simple questions that take up so much of the call. This will allow you to get straight to the quoting process and asking more important questions.

One thing to consider while reading our alarm system reviews is keeping a little comparison chart for yourself. This will help you compare alarm companies based on your own criteria. If you’re looking for a wireless alarm system or a cellular alarm system these are things you can mark down about each company and can have on hand when you start to call around.


What Types Of Alarm Systems Are Reviewed?

When we talk about alarm system reviews we’re not just talking about one type of system or company. We have several different types of alarm system reviews and alarm system companies. The alarm system reviews we offer are:

  • Wireless Alarm System Reviews
  • Cellular Alarm System Reviews
  • Do It Yourself Alarm System Reviews
  • Home Alarm System Reviews

Our wireless alarm system reviews rank the top wireless alarm systems and feature companies that focus mainly on wireless.

The cellular alarm system reviews focus on the top cellular alarm systems and companies. These companies focus primarily on cellular monitoring and do not require a home phone line.

Our do it yourself alarm system reviews are focused on the top do it yourself alarm systems and companies. These companies mainly offer DIY alarm systems without the need for professional installation.

Lastly, our home alarm system reviews focus on all the top home alarm systems and companies. These companies are great home alarm system providers, although some may also provide alarm systems for businesses or other locations.


How Alarm System Report Alarm System Reviews Compare To Others

Many times we’re asked what makes us the best. We thought it would be fun to compare our alarm system reviews to others found around the web. There are several alarm system review sites out there, but not all of them provide the best or most accurate information. Alarm System Report dedicates itself to providing the best possible alarm system information and alarm system reviews.

Our alarm system reviews cover not only the alarm system but the alarm company as well. We have a complete company overview and go over nearly every aspect of the alarm company and alarm system. Many other alarm system review sites out there only provide a few paragraphs of information and some only give you a comparison chart with check marks and bright colors. Alarm System Report believes going in depth with the alarm system review is the best way to get you the information you need the most.

An alarm system review is meant to help you make a great choice when buying a new alarm system. You should be able to find all of the information needed to make that decision in an alarm company review. Your choice should not be made simply from an infographic or comparison chart. The best alarm system reviews are those that are thorough and full of information, like the ones found right here at Alarm System Report.


Using Alarm System Reviews To Get The Best Pricing

It’s no secret that people are looking for great deals these days. With the “coupon” craze all but over folks are still looking for a solid discount. You can use alarm system reviews to your advantage when looking an alarm system discount. “How?” you ask. Well, let’s find out.

First, an alarm system review is designed to give you all of the knowledge you need to make a great alarm system purchasing decision. Well, at least the alarm system reviews at Alarm System Report are designed that way. And we all know what knowledge breeds, power. That’s right, alarm system knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating the price of your new alarm system.

For example, say you found a great alarm company and system, but also found another that is similarly great. However, there is one that you want a little more. You can use the knowledge you found by reading Alarm System Report’s alarm system reviews to play on against the other. Not that they’ll necessarily know this, but if you tell an alarm company salesman that you are looking or have talked with another company they will often try to persuade you to stick with their company by using lesser known facts about their company or system or by giving you a nice alarm system discount. The latter is more prevalent and more appealing. Everyone loves a great discount.

Finally, once you’ve gotten down to price and have shown the salesman that you know your stuff you can negotiate the price. If you give the salesman an affirmative that you really want to purchase from them, they will do everything in their power to get you a great alarm system discount.


Finding Important Information In Our Alarm System Reviews

The whole idea behind Alarm System Report and our top alarm system reviews is to help you learn all you can about alarm systems and the companies. However, we realize that some folks may already have some alarm system knowledge and just want to find out specific things. That’s the main reason we grouped our alarm system review into sections so it would be easier to find the most pertinent information to you.

If you’re looking for alarm system pricing or just some information on a company’s customer service it is readily available and easy to find from the navigation bar of each alarm system review. Our reviews are thorough and have a lot of information, so we make it simple for you to find the information you want and need right at your fingertips.


    Alarm System Reviews Help

    I definitely agree that these are some of the best alarm companies around right now. I am having a hard time choosing which one is right for me. I have read several of the alarm system reviews for FrontPoint, Protect America, and LifeShield among others. All of them seem to have what I’m looking for and have good pricing too. I know some companies have trial periods and such but my goal is to get a system and stick with it. Does anyone have experience with these companies? Can you recommend a company and why they were good for you? I’m coming close to a making a purchase just want to get over the hump.


      Thanks for stopping by and reading our alarm system reviews! Trust me when I say you’re not the only one in the boat. Some of our other readers may have their own stories or advice but we’ve ranked the top alarm companies so you don’t have to “think about it” or do a bunch of research. In the end, it’s best to go with your gut on who you think the best alarm company for you is. If you’re having trouble narrowing your list, however, here are a few tips:

      Tips For Choosing The Best Alarm Company

      1. Read alarm system reviews
      2. Determine 2 to 3 alarm companies that interest you.
      3. Call those companies to ask questions and get alarm system pricing
      4. Compare alarm system quotes and cut your list down to one or two.
      5. Pick the company which best suits you.

      After doing these things you should have a pretty good idea of which company or companies will be right for you. Right now it sounds like you have your two or three choices, so I would call them to get pricing and go from there. Good luck!


      Hello! Thanks for visiting Alarm System Report and reading our home alarm system reviews.

      We would suggest doing a few things to help you determine which alarm system company is right for you.

      Finding The Best Alarm System Company For You

      1. Make a list of things you like about each alarm company.

      2. Compare all alarm system companies on your list and compare the things you like. These might be things like alarm system price, alarm company customer service reviews, or alarm system features.

      3. Narrow your list by taking one alarm company off, call the other two alarm companies to ask further questions.

      4. Most alarm companies have a 30 Day Trial, once you’ve decided which one to try you can install it to try it out. If you dont like it, you can simply send it back for a refund and call the next alarm company on your list.

      Hope this will help you in determining which alarm system company is right for you and your home. Thanks again for coming by!

    Best Alarm System Reviews!

    The alarm system reviews you all have here are absolutely fantastic! For others out there looking for a great new alarm system this is the place to learn all about each alarm company and alarm system. These are by far the best alarm system reviews around. Thanks alarm system report!

    Home Alarm System Reviews

    The home alarm system reviews above were very helpful. There is a lot of information here and it seems like a lot of work went it to putting this together. Just wanted to show my appreciation for putting together these alarm system reviews to help alarm buyers. It helped me a lot.



      Thank you Kathy and thanks for coming by Alarm System Report!

      We did put a lot of time and effort into our alarm system reviews and all the other information on our site including our Alarm System Blog and Alarm System News sections.

      We do our best to help consumers like yourself find the best alarm system for their home. Glad you found our information and our reviews helpful and thanks for the kind words!

    FrontPoint Security Alarm Review

    The FrontPoint Security alarm system review was very helpful. FrontPoint looks like a great alarm system company just like the others on this list. The monthly monitoring prices and customer service reviews are what sold me on FrontPoint. Giving them a call this afternoon to ‘build’ my alarm system and hopefully get everything settled to purchase the alarm system. I’m headed out of town for vacation this upcoming weekend and was hoping to have the alarm system installed and activated before I leave. Before I call do you know if FrontPoint offers and expedited options for shipping the system to me? I suspect it will take 7-10 days to get the system otherwise.


      Hello! Thanks for stopping by Alarm System Report and reading our alarm system reviews. We’re glad you found the FrontPoint Security Review helpful in making your decision on a home alarm system.

      To answer your question, your best bet is to contact FrontPoint Security at (855) 873-5596 to ask about expedited shipping options. However, we understand you wanting to know before calling FrontPoint Security. From what we know FrontPoint offers overnight shipping for a fee (about $50) and did, at one time, offer two-day shipping for $25. Their standard shipping is free and can take up to 7 days or more to be delivered to you if you live on the West Coast. If you live on the east coast you’ll likely get your system in 3-5 days. In your case, since you’re up against the clock your best bet is to ask about overnight shipping and/or two-day shipping.

      Hope this helps. Thanks again for visiting Alarm System Report.

    Alarm System Reviews Question

    These are some really great alarm system reviews. I am glad I found alarm system report, so thank you. I just have one question. I am about to be calling some of these alarm system companies. Should I mention where I learned about each alarm company? If I say I found them online at alarm system report are there any special discounts or incentives? Thank you in advance.


    Gerald “Jerry” Tammany


      Hey there Jerry! Thanks for visiting Alarm System Report We’re glad you found us and have found our home alarm system reviews helpful.

      When calling alarm system companies and asking about alarm system discounts and coupons it could be beneficial to tell the alarm system company where you found their information. While we do not have any sort of partnership with any of the alarm system companies as far as discounts we do stay aware of current alarm system purchasing incentives. It will not hurt telling the alarm company where you found them, and they should have some sort of discount or incentive for you regardless. So, to make a long story short and to answer your question. Yes, go ahead and let them know. It certainly can’t hurt. As for other tips on finding alarm system discounts here are a few things you can do:

      Tips For Finding The Best Alarm System Discounts & Coupons
      1. Visit and find the alarm system discounts page
      2. Browse the alarm system coupons under each company
      3. Keep the coupon or discount in your back pocket when first calling each home alarm system company. There may be a “hidden” or unadvertised special that works out better for you.
      4. Present the coupon you have found to the salesman or consultant to get a discount on your alarm system purchase

      Hope this helps Jerry!

    Top Alarm System Reviews

    The alarm system reviews on this site were very beneficial. I learned a lot about the alarm system companies that I didn’t know before. In fact I learned a lot about alarm systems in general that I didn’t know before, and I have had an alarm system of some kind for most of my life! I chose an alarm system company from this list and I made my purchase today. I got a really great price on my alarm system for mentioning this site so I would suggest others to mention it as well. I did look at the alarm system coupons listed here but received an even better deal.

    Good luck to those looking for a new home alarm system, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Thanks Alarm System Report.

    Ben C.


      Hi Ben! Thanks for the kind words! We do our best to help consumers get the best home alarm system information and to provide the best home alarm system reviews.

      In case others are looking for alarm system discounts and coupons here are a few suggestions.

      How To Get The Best Deal On A Home Alarm System:

      1. Read alarm system reviews to learn about alarm systems and companies
      2. Choose 2 or 3 alarm system companies to contact.
      3. Before calling each alarm company take a look at our Alarm System Coupons page to find alarm company discounts
      4. When calling each alarm company do not mention your coupon off the bat. The company may be running some other incentive that is not advertised. Hear what this is first.
      5. If no other incentives are offered present the alarm company with your coupon.

      Good luck!

    FrontPoint Security Best Alarm System

    FrontPoint Security is surely one of the best alarm system companies. My family has been customers of FrontPoint for about two years. FrontPoint has great customer service and never raised our monthly monitoring rate on us. Our monitoring contract is about to expire so I thought I would check around again to see what was out there. Not that the other alarm system company reviews aren’t great, but I see no reason to switch from FrontPoint right now. For others looking to get an alarm system or switch I suggest contacting FrontPoint. The FrontPoint review here is spot on. You won’t be disappointed.

    – Ira

    LifeShield Alarm System Review

    Have any other commenters had experience with LifeShield? I read the LifeShield alarm system review and I am leaning towards LifeShield security system. They are also based in Pennsylvania which I like since it is fairly close to me. Any comments or reviews of experience with LifeShield are much appreciated. Thank you.

    – Whitney E.


      Hey there Whitney! We noticed that no one had responded to your comment so we thought we would chime in with some of our observations about LifeShield.

      LifeShield is one of the best alarm system companies according to our experts and alarm system rankings. Some of the main reasons LifeShield is rated highly is because of affordable alarm system pricing, great customer service, easy to install DIY alarm system, and favorable customer reviews.

      All of these factors go in to our alarm system reviews. We know that many folks who have visited Alarm System Report have purchased an alarm system from LifeShield and have been very happy with the system and service.

      Keep in mind that LifeShield offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means you can test out the system for a month, and if you don’t like the system or service, you can send it back.

      Other alarm companies such as FrontPoint Security also offer these incentives. This is another reason these two alarm system companies are ranked so highly on our list.

      Good luck Whitney!

    I Found The Best Alarm System!

    Thanks Alarm System Report! I used your alarm system reviews and top alarm system ranking to find the best alarm system! I installed my system about about a month in half ago before I went on a backpacking trip in Europe with my boyfriend and some friends. We didn’t want to leave the house so long without some sort of alarm system and fire detection system. You never know what can happen, and with the expenses of the trip we didn’t want any surprises when we got home. It was coming to the wire before leaving and I was scrambling trying to learn more about wireless alarm systems, monitoring, and all that goes with a home alarm system. Your website was invaluable to me. I learned everything I needed to know right here and your top alarm system reviews helped me choose a great home alarm system in just a couple days. We received our system, installed it, and learned how to use our online access before leaving.

    During our trip, we received an alert from from our system and the monitoring station. Someone had tried to break into our home! Luckily the alarm system scared them off, and the police were at our house within a couple minutes. All that was damaged was a small back window which we had fixed while we were out of town.

    So, just wanted to say thanks to you and to keep up the good work. Without your help I would have been lost. And some of the other alarm system reviews I read weren’t nearly as informative (or accurate). So thank you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    A Weary Traveler


      Hi there! Thanks for sharing your story on Alarm System Report.

      We’re very happy to hear about your experience, and of course that your house was protected by your new wireless alarm system!. Having a home alarm system is invaluable, and the small amount you pay for monitoring is priceless compared to the potential damage you could incur. It’s also important to know that homes without and alarm system are THREE times more likely to be broken in to. We’re happy to know that our wireless alarm system reviews were able to help you find the best alarm system for your home.

      Good luck on your next adventure, and now you know you won’t have to worry about your home being protected!

    Wireless Alarm System Reviews

    I have a wireless alarm system installed now but I haven’t used it in a about a year or so. There have been a rise in burglaries in my area so I wanted to start service again or look for a new system or wireless alarm company. I’m not sure who the company was that was monitoring it before. I moved into the house a few years ago and it was part of the purchase and was paid for by the previous owner. I looked for markings or a manual or something but no dice. Any way I can find out who it is? I do like this wireless alarm system but may think about switching if I can’t figure it out.


      Hello! We know it’s not always easy to find out what type of wireless alarm system you have. When reading your wireless alarm system reviews you can find out what type of alarm system equipment is used by each alarm company. You can also find picture of the equipment on the alarm company’s website. You can compare here to what yours is. You may also find out who the alarm company was or who manufactured the equipment by taking the cover off of the Control Panel. Thanks for reading our alarm system reviews and good luck!

    FrontPoint Security Review

    Been very happy with FrontPoint as an alarm system and monitoring provider. Was a little skeptical of having a home alarm system installed at first, wasn’t sure it was necessary. But after a break-in around the corner I’m happy I have the protection. Had a little troulbe with one one of the sensors when I first received the system. FrontPoint sent out a replacement right away. Was blown away by the service and friendliness of the staff from the sales to activation to support. FrontPoint must do a good job of hiring employees who actually care. Great service for a fair price. Very happy.

    Sean O


      Thanks Sean! Glad to hear that FrontPoint Security has treated you well. They certainly are one of the top alarm companies out there there today. Thanks for reading our FrontPoint Security review and be sure to tell your neighbors about our alarm system reviews!

    DIY Alarm System Reviews

    I have never experienced a DIY alarm system before but am very interested after reading the do it yourself alarm system reviews. Are there any suggestions from others who purchased a DIY alarm system for the first time? I know I have a trial period to get things set up and make sure I like it and all, but just trying to cover all my bases.

    Thanks you in advance.



      Hi there Frank. Thanks for coming by Alarm System Report and for reading our alarm system reviews. Even if you’re never experienced a DIY alarm system before there aren’t a whole lot of things you need to do to “prepare”. Instructions will come with the alarm system in the box, and all parts needed to complete the installation will be provided by the DIY alarm company. So to answer your question, no, you do not need do anything special to prepare for DIY alarm system installation. You can always call the company if you have any problems, and like you said many companies offer a trial period in which you can return the system for a full refund if you’re not happy. Thanks again!

    Best Alarm System Companies

    How are the alarm companies in the alarm company reviews found? Do you have a predetermined list of companies that you look at? I know you have industry experts to do the research and everything but I’m curious how the alarm companies featured for Best Alarm System Companies were found in the first place.



      Hello Dana! Thanks for visiting and thanks for your question. The alarm companies in our alarm system reviews were not simply chosen at random and then reviewed. Our experts know about a lot of the major alarm companies in the industry, and do research on the companies with the highest customer bases and who are most visible to the most people. In short, we look to review alarm system companies that provide service nationwide instead of focusing on smaller, local companies which would be very difficult. Plus, these alarm companies give the best prices and have the best service based on our expert’s experience. Thanks again for your question and hope this helps. Glad you are finding the alarm system reviews helpful!

    FrontPoint Security Alarm System Review

    I found out about FrontPoint Security here on Alarm System Report. In fact, I was very new to home alarm systems and this website was invaluable. I learned a lot I didn’t know and your alarm system reviews helped me choose FrontPoint. I installed my system last week and have loved everything about it. My family feels a lot more comfortable with an alarm system in the house as well. Being able to control everything from our smartphones has not only been fun but extremely convenient. Not to mention the easy installation which my son and I finished in no time. I have already started looking at more devices that I can add to the system like home automation for lights (and I plan on asking for the thermostat for Christmas!). Thanks to Alarm System Report and thanks to FrontPoint. You both have been invaluable to me and my family.


      Thanks for sharing! FrontPoint is certainly one of the best alarm companies out there today and have very positive customer reviews. Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts about FrontPoint!

    Best Alarm System Reviews

    These are the best alarm system reviews I found! Did all my research with you guys and purchased my new alarm system yesterday. It should be arriving Friday before I leave town for the weekend so I can get it installed and activated (I purchased a DIY alarm system). Very much looking forward to having it installed. Is it bad that I can’t wait to play with the online interface and smartphone app? Guess I’m a nerd like that! 🙂



      Haha hey Steven! The online access and alarm system smartphone apps are very fun to use and “play” with. Thanks for reading our alarm system reviews and good luck with your new system!

    Alarm System Reviews

    To piggy bank on other commenters, thank you for the great alarm system reviews. These are probably the best alarm system reviews I found. Very thorough and most importantly accurate. Thanks for taking the time and thanks for caring about the consumer. Keep it up.


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