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Phone Number:: 1 (888) 352-3304
Technology:: Wireless or Hard Wired
Hardware:: Varies
Installation Method:: Technician Installation
Remote Monitoring:: Yes
BBB Accredited?:: -
BBB Rating:: -


Oldest alarm company, many alarm options, remote monitoring, cellular monitoring


High monthly fee for cellular.
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ADT is a solid alarm company with a very long history. They offer a number of different services and equipment with a number of different options. However, sometimes ADT doesn’t offer the same for your money that other companies do. If you get the right dealer or find a great deal ADT is not a bad company to choose at all. You could do a much much worse.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Company Overview

ADT provides home security and business security systems, fire alarm systems and integrated building management. ADT has been around in some capacity for over 100 years. They are likely the most well known alarm company worldwide. ADT offers services in North America, South America and Europe and is a division of Tyco International.

ADT Headquarters is located in Boca Raton, FL and ADT recently acquired competitor BroadView Security (Formerly Brinks Home Security) in 2010. ADT has the largest customer base and is the largest alarm company in the United States. ADT offers alarm systems through its “Dealer” program, allowing local alarm companies to be “franchised” out to ADT to offer monitoring through the company. ADT Dealers offers wireless and hard wired alarm systems from a number of manufacturers as well as many options for monthly monitoring.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Equipment

ADT offers a number of different types of equipment and equipment packages that can be customized to meet your home’s specific needs. Additional sensors can be purchased for an additional fee and could be provided at a discount depending on the number of sensors added and monitoring plan chosen. ADT Authorized Dealers may also offer different equipment packages with a few more door sensors or other equipment for the same cost. It’s always recommended to visit the website of an ADT Authorized Dealer to learn about the specific equipment pricing and options. You can also call them directly to learn about the different equipment packages available.

The equipment offered by ADT includes:

  • Control Panel
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke/Heat Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Glass Break Detector
  • SafeWatch CellGuard
  • Flood Detector
  • Outdoor Siren/Strobe
  • Keychain Remote


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Monitoring

ADT offers a few different monthly monitoring options including phone line, broadband and cellular monitoring. The four primary monitoring options are:

  • Essential: The Essential Monitoring plan is $36.99/month and provides standard 24/7 monitoring via the phone line.
  • Premium: The Premium Monitoring plan is $42.99/month and standard 24/7 monitoring via the phone line. This package also includes 2-Way Voice capabilities.
  • Cellular: The Cellular Monitoring plan is $44.99/month and provides 27/7 monitoring through ADT’s CellGuard cellular connection. Phone lines are not needed for this monitoring plan.
  • Total Protection: The Total Protection service is $47.99/month and provides phone line monitoring with a cellular backup. A phone line may be required for this plan.

We recommend calling ADT to learn more about their different monitoring plans.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Coupons

Unadvertised Promotions

Getting the best deal from ADT is not going to come from a ADT coupon or discount code. The best deals are unadvertised promotions that you can only get by calling ADT directly. Simply call the number below, give them your information, and ask the salesperson about the best promotions that they can currently offer. You won’t find a better ADT discount code or coupon online, so we always recommend going to the salesperson first.

Call: 1 (888) 352-3304

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1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Installation

ADT offers installations through its Dealer Program. There are many ADT Dealers around the country offering professional installation for ADT alarm systems. ADT offers installations for hard wired and wireless alarm systems from a number of equipment manufacturers.

A technician will come to your home and install your new alarm system for you which may include alarm sensors, cameras or home automation equipment. Installation if often offered free of charge for most new customers depending on the ADT Dealer contacted.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Customer Service

ADT has been around a long time. That doesn’t happen if you provide customers with poor customer service. While ADT is a large alarm company they provide good customer service to boot. While they may not be as “hands on” as other alarm companies a lot of that is due to the large customer base involved. In the grand scheme ADT provides the vast majority of its customers with excellent service.

ADT has a Better Business Bureau of B+ and ADT, LLC. is currently not accredited, although the ADT Corporate office had an A rating and is accredited separately. Overall ADT’s customer service gets good feedback and is keeping most customers happy.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  ADT Review Overall

ADT is the largest alarm company in the United States and has offices in a number of other country’s throughout North America, South America and Europe. They’ve also been around for around 100 years. It’s tough to find a company that has been operating for that long in any industry and ADT has done it with good products and good customer service.

Along the way ADT sacrificed a bit of customer service and product enhancement which allowed other companies to take the reigns as number one alarm company. However, many other companies give off the “hometown” feel with extremely hands on customer service and a personal approach. The hands on approach is easier for smaller alarm companies with a small customer base. Fact is ADT has provided top of the line alarm systems for many many years.

ADT’s customer service ratings are extremely good with a very small percentage of complaints compared to their large customer base. ADT offers professional installation for those that either don’t feel comfortable or don’t have the time for a DIY setup.

In the end ADT is a strong choice for a home alarm system. While there are solutions that provide a quicker and easier set up it’s tough to say that other companies are that far ahead of ADT. ADT will always be on the best alarm companies in the industry and continues to provide customers with quality alarm systems, quality monitoring and a high level of customer service.


1 (888) 352-3304
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  Instant Quote from ADT Security



    ADT Alarm System Review

    I see commercials for ADT all the time but had never read an ADT alarm system review. I am looking for a new home alarm system for my vacation house and see many people around the neighborhood with ADT signs in their front yard. I meant to ask my neighbors when I was at the house last but do you know if ADT had a referral program for alarm system installations? If I am referred by someone can I or they get a discount of some kind? I’d like to get a discount on an ADT alarm system if I can.



      Hi Erica! Thanks for stopping by Alarm System Report and for reading our ADT alarm system review.

      ADT is certainly a well known company around the country. Many homeowners have an ADT alarm system installed in their home. With that said most alarm system companies do have some sort of referral program. Your best bet is to contact ADT at the phone number listed with our ADT review. There is a very good chance you can get a discount on alarm system equipment or perhaps a free month of alarm monitoring; or something along those lines. You may want to have your neighbors information handy just in case. Their name will normally be fine.

      Thanks Erica!

    ADT Home Alarm System

    I had an ADT alarm system for about six years before I moved to a new house. I haven’t had an alarm system in a few years since moving but I think it’s time go get one installed again. The last system I had was hard wired, I’m really hoping ADT can install a wireless alarm system this time around. Or I may look at other alarm system companies. Not sure yet. Never had a problem with ADT and the service seems to be better now than it was when all it was was a keypad and a bunch of sensors. This online access stuff is pretty cool. I may even get cameras! Ok, maybe not..but we’ll see. I guess my question is does ADT install wireless alarm systems and are there different alarm dealers I must contact? Last time it was just through a local guy who said ADT monitored my system, but I’m not sure if all local guys do the hard wired stuff or what. Some help is appreciated. Thanks for your time.


      Hello! Thanks for coming by Alarm System Report.

      As mentioned in our ADT alarm system review, ADT certainly installs wireless alarm systems. You are also correct that you must contact and ADT Authorized Dealer in order to purchase a new wireless home alarm system. You can contact them using the information in our ADT review, or provide your information for a quote and have ADT call you. You can submit your information on this page just above these comment where it says Instant Quote From ADT Security.

      As for looking at ADT vs. other alarm system companies that is why we have our alarm system reviews; so you can compare alarm companies and learn more so you can make an informed decision.

      If you have worked with ADT in the past and like them that’s just fine. It is certainly your choice on who to have protecting your home. Just keep in mind that we have alarm system reviews and tons of other information for you to use to your benefit. If you have any other questions about ADT Security or any other top alarm system companies on our list please let us know!

    ADT Security Review

    I see commercials for ADT Security all the time. It looks like they have an impressive home alarm system. I am a little nervous about them though since they are so big. I see ADT yard signs in homes everywhere, so people must be happy with them right? They are a big alarm company and I have had some bad experiences with ‘large’ companies that seem to just be out for your hard earned dollars without delivering on service. Some of the other top alarm companies listed here seem to be a bit smaller, but when it comes to home security and purchasing an alarm system to protect my home I’m not sure I want to leave that to someone who is ‘small’.

    I have not read all the alarm system reviews here yet. I have just gotten to the ADT review so far and have read a few others. So far I like what I hear from most of the alarm system companies. Guess I will have to do some further reading and find some pros and cons of each. Any suggestions would be helpful – whether its from other customers or from the alarm experts here on the site. Thank you.

    - Eli


      Hey there Eli! Thanks for coming by and reading our ADT alarm system reviews.

      ADT is certainly the largest alarm system company operating today. Many homeowners trust ADT alarm systems to protect their home.

      Here at Alarm System Report our experts have concluded that ADT is one of the top alarm system companies as well as the other alarm companies listed in our alarm system reviews.

      ADT would be a fine choice for a home alarm system provider. Your best bet is to contact ADT and ask some questions and get a price quote. Do the same with another alarm company or two on our list to compare then make your choice. This way you can learn about a few different companies and compare their system and pricing.

      Good luck!

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