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Wireless home alarm systems are very popular and one of the leading types of alarm systems for homeowners. These systems rely on radio signals and can save you a ton of time and money on installation. Most wireless alarm systems can be installed by yourself and in a couple hours. No wires, no electrical leads, or circuit testing. You’ll just need some basic tools and a couple hours to complete the installation. This is one of the biggest reason that wireless alarm systems are so popular for homeowners and you can learn everything with our wireless alarm system reviews.

Most alarm system companies offer wireless solutions, but you want to make sure that they have excellent range. The best wireless alarm systems can provide large properties with a simple and easy to install solution for protecting a home. Of the hundreds of wireless alarm systems to choose from, only a few made the cut with our review. We recommend that you check out these companies when looking for the best wireless alarm system.

Here is our list of the best wireless alarm systems for your home:

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What Is A Wireless Alarm System?

When talking or learning about wireless alarm systems it is best to first define what a wireless alarm system is. While the name is pretty self-explanatory it is always beneficial to dig a little deeper. So, what exactly is a wireless alarm system?

A wireless alarm system is a home alarm system that does not require the use of wires to communicate. “Traditional” alarm systems use wires to connect each alarm sensor to another and to connect all sensors to the main Control Panel. A wireless alarm system uses a radio frequency to send signals from the alarm sensors to the Control Panel instead of wires. This works similarly to other wireless devices in your home such as Bluetooth or your home Wi-Fi. The wireless alarm system uses a proprietary frequency so that it does not interfere with any other wireless devices in your home and vice versa.

Wireless alarm system sensors use coin sized lithium ion batteries for power and most will attach to your wall, door or window with a double sided adhesive or a small screw. Wireless alarm system can be installed by technicians or via the do it yourself installation model.


What Alarm System Companies Are Offering Wireless Alarm Systems?

Most alarm system companies are now offering some sort of wireless alarm system. Some alarm companies use the same equipment with different monitoring options, while some have proprietary equipment. A few of the alarm companies offering wireless alarm systems are:

  • FrontPoint Security
  • LifeShield Security
  • Protect America
  • ADT Security
  • Vivint

Why Wireless Alarm Systems Are The Best Alarm Systems

Defining the best alarm system is a little tricky, however, with the progression of technology we may have found a way. The best alarm systems are wireless alarm systems. Pretty simple right? Sounds great, but what makes a wireless alarm system the best? Good question.

Wireless alarm systems are some of the best alarm systems for a number of reasons. First, wireless alarm systems are extremely easy to install and don’t require any tools, drilling, or wiring. Most wireless alarm system sensors attach with a double-sided adhesive and the main Control Panel just plugs in for power. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Second, wireless alarm systems are extremely reliable. As the world continues to go wireless having a “secure” connection is essential. Wireless alarm systems use proprietary wireless frequencies to send signals between the Control Panel and the wireless sensors. This means no other electronic devices use the same frequency, and they are extremely difficult to jam. One of the only ways an intruder could defeat a wireless alarm system is if the homeowner left it disarmed.

Wireless alarm systems are also much more affordable than many other alarm systems. There is usually a small up-front cost for a basic wireless alarm system, but you don’t have to pay for installation or activation most of the time as many wireless alarm systems are also do it yourself alarm systems. This also makes it very easy to add devices later.

Ultimately, wireless alarm systems are becoming the main choice for homeowners nationwide because of the ease of installation, ease of use and the ability to add devices over time.


What Is The Best Wireless Alarm System?

After hours and hours of research putting together our wireless alarm system reviews we at Alarm System Report found what we believe is the best wireless alarm system on the market today. Several factors went in to determining the best wireless alarm system and it certainly was not an easy choice. So, who is the big winner? We found that the GE Simon wireless alarm system is the best wireless alarm system on the market today.

The main reasons we found the GE Simon system to be the best wireless alarm system are durability, ease of installation and ease of use. For the average homeowner these should be the most important things. You want to make sure your wireless alarm system is simply to set up, will last a long time and is easy to use on a day to day basis. The GE Simon system definitely meets these criteria. The GE Simon XT is the latest wireless Control Panel for the Simon line. The XT is a simple Control Panel that will either sit on a table top or can be mounted to the wall. It simply needs a plug for power and has a built in backup battery in case of power outage.

The GE Simon system also doubles as a do it yourself alarm system. Many alarm system companies that are offering the GE Simon system allow for do it yourself installation. Each sensor uses a double sided adhesive or a small screw to attach. Lastly, the GE Simon system is extremely durable. Some alarm system companies offer lifetime warranties while other offer lesser warranties, however, the GE Simon system is known as one of the most quality wireless alarm system manufactured today and should last for a very long time.


What Frequency Do Wireless Alarm Systems Use?

The frequency used by certain wireless home alarm systems may differ, but a common one is 319.5mhz. This is the frequency used by GE wireless alarm systems. This is a proprietary frequency meaning no other electronic devices use the same frequency. For instance, most home Wi-Fi frequencies are 802.11 with a number at the end designating the type and strength of the frequency. This will also differ from garage door openers, microwaves and any other wireless type devices or appliances you may find in your home.


Configuring A Wireless Alarm System

With the help of a security consultant or salesperson you can easily configure a wireless alarm system that will fit your needs perfectly. The first step is to decide which wireless home alarm system you want. In other words, you need to choose a company. Next, you need to count up the entry points in your home. Like we said, the wireless alarm company can assist with the configuration of your system, so if you’re unsure of what to do it’s best to contact the company. After counting your entry points you should walk around your home to find “high traffic areas”. These are areas around your home that are “gateways” to other areas. This includes large rooms that feed into other rooms, hallways, dens/basements or other major areas. These areas are perfect for wireless motion sensors.

Next you will want to mark down places in your home that will be good for wireless smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors if you choose to add these devices. You may also want to think about some wireless home automation devices such as light control modules or a thermostat. The latter is pretty simple, but as for lights you may want to pinpoint a few lights that you will want to automate.

Ultimately, configuring a wireless alarm system is not rocket science and is a lot of common sense. But if you’ve never had a home alarm system before this can really help you understand what devices you’ll need and what areas of your home might be susceptible.


Are wireless alarm systems better than hard wired systems?

The answer to this question depends a lot on what you’re looking for. For most home and business alarms a wireless solution is certainly the best route. However, if have a large home or business setting or a building made completely of, say, metal you may have a tough time using a wireless alarm system. This is rare, however.

Wireless alarm systems offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding devices later. So if you’re on a fixed budget and want more than you can currently afford you can always start with what you need and add all the “cool stuff” later. Wireless alarm systems are perfect for this – hard wired alarm systems not so much. It would be difficult to have someone come in and re-wire your home to add in a few sensors or home automation devices later.

Another advantage to having a wireless alarm system is being able to move it with you. People move a lot these days whether it’s for a job, a new life or military among many other things. Having a wireless alarm system will allow you to move it to the new home with you, and like we talked about before you can easily add new sensors if you move to a home with more doors or windows.

Alarm System Report’s opinion is that wireless alarm systems offer more benefits over hard wired alarm systems. You can learn more about the differences between wireless and hard wired alarm systems by reading our wireless alarm system reviews or visiting our blog and reading our post on Wireless vs. Hard Wired Alarm Systems. We also offer comprehensive wireless alarm system reviews for each company that offers these types of alarm systems.


Common Wireless Alarm System Questions

Alarm System Report often receives questions about different aspects of wireless alarm systems. Here are some of the most common questions about wireless home alarm systems.
What Is The Cost of A Wireless Alarm System?

The cost of a wireless alarm system depends on a number of factors. Some of those factors include the amount of alarm system equipment you purchase, the length of your alarm monitoring agreement or any special deals or alarm system discounts you get. The major factor in the cost of a wireless alarm system is the amount of equipment that you need. If you have a smaller home and only need the basics the cost of your wireless alarm system will be low. It could be as low as nothing up front or around $100.

The length of your monitoring agreement also has an effect on the cost of a wireless alarm system. Normally, the longer you sign up for monitoring service the better discount you will get on the up-front cost for alarm system equipment.

Lastly, other alarm system discounts and incentives could bring the cost down. Many wireless alarm system companies have “hidden” or unadvertised promotions that they will tell you about when you call. You can also find alarm system coupons and discounts at places like Alarm System Report. We have a section dedicated to getting great deals on a wireless home alarm system including coupons for each alarm system company that we feature.

Can A Wireless Alarm System Be Easily Defeated?

Wireless alarm systems are actually some of the safest and most reliable home alarm systems on the market today. In fact, it is a lot more difficult to defeat a wireless alarm system than it is a hard wired alarm system. Simply speaking, hard wired alarm systems have wires that can be cut by a potential intruder. This may or may not include your home phone line, which is the way many hard wired alarm systems are monitored. With a wireless alarm system there are no wires to cut, and it would be extremely difficult for an intruder to defeat a wireless home alarm system. The only “easy” way is if you forget to arm your system when you leave the house!

How Easy Is It To Install A Wireless Alarm System?

Installing a wireless alarm system is extremely simple. Whether you pay your alarm system company to install it for you or you do it yourself most wireless alarm systems can be installed in under an hour. If you are taking part in a do it yourself alarm system installation the steps should be plugging in your Control Panel, placing your wireless alarm sensors and calling your alarm company to have your system activated. If a technician comes out he will do all of this for you aside from the activation which will be your responsibility most times. In the end though, a wireless alarm system is very easy to install and should not take long at all.

How Are Wireless Alarm Systems Monitored?

Just like traditional alarm systems a wireless alarm system can be monitored several ways. It can be monitored using a phone line, an internet connection or a cellular device. Most wireless alarm systems these days use a built in cellular device for alarm monitoring. This is effectively called cellular alarm monitoring. While many wireless alarm systems can use phone lines or internet connections as well, those can be extremely unreliable. A cellular module is used in most wireless alarm systems for monitoring.

How Can I Learn More About Wireless Alarm Systems?

Alarm System Report has a boatload of information about wireless alarm systems. This includes our wireless alarm system reviews as well as our blog. Our blog features daily posts about alarm system topics and news, this is the best source of general alarm system information. To learn more about each alarm system company and their wireless alarm systems it’s best to read the alarm system reviews.


The Top Wireless Alarm System Features

Wireless alarm systems have changed the game for home alarm systems and the features that come with them. Prior to recent years most home alarm systems had one, maybe two functions. These functions were to set off an alert if there was a break-in or possible a fire. That was pretty much it. Not that we don’t appreciate the simplicity of an alarm system and what it was designed for, but, as many other industries have been changed by growth in technology so has the alarm industry.

Perhaps the thing that has changed alarm systems most is the capability of using wireless technology. Wireless alarm systems now have more capabilities and features. Some of the top wireless alarm system features now available with alarm systems are there because wireless technology makes them affordable and simply to implement.

One of these features is the ability to access your wireless home alarm system while you are away from the home. This has more to do with the alarm monitoring than anything, however, before wireless alarm systems this feature was very rare and very expensive. Now, homeowners can use their computers or their smartphones to access their alarm system from anywhere. By accessing the system remotely you can arm/disarm your system, check event history, change your user codes, and even view live streaming video.

Another one of the top wireless alarm system features is you can move the system with you. This is also a staple of the do it yourself alarm system, which often goes hand in hand with the wireless alarm system. In effect, moving your wireless alarm system with you means you probably will never have to get a new alarm system again. Of course, you could decide to get a new system at some point, but if you happen to move a lot of do move at some point you won’t have to purchase a new alarm system each time.


Where Can I Find Wireless Alarm System Reviews?

You’re in the perfect place! Alarm System Report has some of the best wireless alarm system reviews around. Our wireless alarm system reviews cover every possible aspect of each alarm system company and wireless alarm system. In fact, each alarm company reviewed on Alarm System Report offers a wireless alarm system.

In our wireless alarm system reviews you can find an alarm company overview, a full review of the wireless alarm system as well as wireless alarm system pricing and discounts. To check our full alarm system reviews you can simply scroll up the page or click on one of the navigation links at the top.

After reading the wireless alarm system reviews and narrowing down your choices Alarm System Report also gives you the contact information for each alarm company. You can even submit your information directly on Alarm System Report to be contacted by the alarm company of your choice. By submitting your information through Alarm System Report you could be eligible for additional discounts and incentives.


What Do Wireless Alarm System Reviews Cover?

Alarm System Report’s wireless alarm system reviews cover everything you need to know about wireless alarm systems and the alarm companies offering them. Our wireless alarm system reviews are broken down in to several sections that go over the different aspects of each wireless alarm system.

First, we provide an alarm company overview. This overview tells you a little about each alarm company including how long they have been in business and any facts we found helpful.

Next we talk about the wireless alarm system itself, such as the installation of the system and what alarm system equipment is offered such as door sensors, windows sensors, motion sensors and everything in between. After that is alarm system pricing, perhaps the most important part. We talk about pricing for each alarm system as well as some of the packages that are offered by each alarm system company. This can help you compare alarm companies and their prices on similar alarm system set-ups.

Finally, we talk about another very important aspect of each alarm company. Customer service. Of course everyone wants to have great customer service but not everyone receives it. This section is in our wireless alarm system reviews so you can get a good idea of how you will be treated as a customer of each alarm system company.

Our wireless alarm system reviews also have videos from each company that show installation or customer feedback. In short, our wireless alarm system reviews have everything you need to make the best decision for your home and family.


Where Can I Find Wireless Alarm System Discounts?

The first place to look for wireless alarm system discounts is right here at Alarm System Report. We are not shy about showing you the best ways to get the best possible price on a wireless alarm system. No one likes to pay too much for something when they don’t have to, so the best place to start looking for wireless alarm system discounts is by reading our wireless alarm system reviews or by visiting our Alarm System Coupons section.

In the Alarm System Coupons section of Alarm System Report you can find alarm system discounts for each alarm company. These reflect the latest discounts offered by each company. However, there is another way to a great discount on a wireless alarm system. Call the alarm company! Now, don’t forget to at least check our coupons page so you can snag a coupon for yourself, but when you call the company ask them if they have any special promotions or deals going on. If the deal they are offering is better than the coupon you found online then you are in luck, worst case you end up with a coupon that is better than the deal they are offering. Either way it’s a win-win for you, and it’s the best possible way to get a great wireless alarm system discount.


    Best Wireless Alarm Systems

    I am very interested in a wireless alarm system. Have you heard of them causing any disruptions in the home as far as signals? I know this sounds so “tin foil hat guy” but can the radio waves be detrimental to health? Could a neighbor’s system or wireless stuff have an effect on my wireless alarm system?

    Thank you in advance.



      Thanks for coming by Alarm System Report. I can understand your concern about wireless alarm system signals and the like. Without going to into TOO much detail, I will tell you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Wireless alarm systems are very reliable and will not be interfered with by other wireless devices, mainly because wireless systems work on a proprietary frequency. It does not negatively affect your health or anything like that and anything your neighbors have should not disrupt the system either. In other words, don’t worry, go get that new wireless alarm system!

    Wireless Alarm System Question

    We currently own a wireless alarm system that was installed a few years ago. It worked pretty well but the wireless alarm company we were using wasn’t very good, they may even be out of business now. It was a local company. I’m looking to start up service again and wondered if any of these best wireless alarm companies can “take over” my system or if I’ll have to buy all new equipment. I’m not against it, but since everything is already there I think it would be easier to just use the old equipment since it’s not really that old anyways. Anyone have experience with switching their wireless alarm system to a new company?


      Hi there! It has been a while since you posted with no response so we thought we would chime in.

      Switching Alarm System Companies is a very common occurrence. Like you said perhaps the alarm company you had before wasn’t up to your standards, perhaps they’ve gone out of business, or maybe you’re just looking for a new alarm company.

      The best way to find out if the alarm system equipment you have is compatible with a certain alarm company is to call them and ask.

      Another way to find out would be to read our alarm system reviews to learn what type of equipment each alarm company uses. You can then see if your system is from the same manufacturer or type. However, your best bet is to contact the alarm company directly to ask about options for switching alarm companies but using the same equipment.

      Good luck!

    Wireless Alarm System Reviews

    These wireless alarm system companies are very impressive. I have never owned a home alarm system before and certainly never a wireless alarm system. It’s fascinating to see all the new technology that is out there now and how easy everything is. I just had one question. Is there a difference between a wireless home alarm system and a do it yourself alarm system? It seems like they’re pretty much the same but that DIY alarm systems are just installed by the homeowner.

    Thanks for you help.
    Wayne T


      Hey there Wayne. Thanks for stopping by Alarm System Report .

      That is a great question!

      A wireless alarm system and a DIY alarm system are often one in the same. Describing a system as a 100% wireless alarm system means that there are no wires within the alarm system. Describing a system as a do it yourself alarm system is describing more about the installation method.

      Here are a few ways to think about it:

      Difference Between Wireless Alarm System & DIY Alarm System

      Wireless alarm systems mean the alarm system has no wires
      – A wireless alarm system can also be a do it yourself alarm system
      – A DIY alarm system describes the installation method
      – All DIY alarm systems are wireless

      So, in essence they are the same thing. Some wireless alarm systems can be installed by an alarm company technician, depending on there methods and pricing. However, companies like FrontPoint Security, Protect America, and LifeShield all offer wireless alarm systems that have a DIY installation.

      Hopefully this cleared things up for you Wayne! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers!

    Wireless Home Alarm Systems

    My son recently gave me his wireless alarm system. He is moving out of the country for two years while he works on an engineering project and won’t be able to use it. I have wanted a home alarm system for a while so it was an easy solution. Or so we thought. I am pretty sure the wireless alarm system is from FrontPoint Security. That’s how I found you. My son is unreachable for several days while he travels and gets settled, but I wanted to get the wireless alarm system installed and activated soon. I leave for a long vacation at the end of the week and wanted to have the protection while I am gone.

    Are there any markings on the system that would tell me who the system is from? It looks like there as a logo or something on the Control Panel but it has rubbed off. It is a GE wireless alarm system from what I can tell.


      Hi! Thanks for coming by Alarm System Report!

      It is common that wireless alarm systems are transferred between owners or homes. If you believe your alarm system was previously (or currently) monitored by FrontPoint Security you should give them a call. You can find their contact information in our FrontPoint Security review.

      As for marking on the alarm system equipment you will likely see a GE symbol on the Control Panel if the system is from GE. I don’t believe there are any distinguishing marks for FrontPoint, but there could be.

      Your best bet is to give them a call, they will likely ask you to take the cover off of the Control Panel to get the serial number on the cellular device inside to see if it is their system.

      If so, they will be able to reactive the wireless alarm system for you pretty easily. You’ll likely just have to put the sensors in place, plug in your Control Panel and you’ll be good to go, and of course give them your address!

      The sooner you give FrontPoint a call the better if you are leaving for a while. If you need additional equipment you may want to have it shipped quicker, they can normally provide overnight or 2-day shipping if you would like it expedited.

      Hope this helps!

    FrontPoint Security Has Best Wireless Alarm System

    I just purchased a wireless alarm from FrontPoint Security. It is so cool! I never thought a alarm system would actually be fun to use. We installed sensors and some cameras, it’s so awesome I can look in on the dog and see when they kids come home from school. Who knew you could do that so easily? FrontPoint had an affordable equipment cost and monthly monitoring. We are very happy with our choice to go with FrontPoint and love the wireless alarm system!



      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Nina! FrontPoint Security certainly has one of the best wireless alarm systems and is a great wireless alarm company. THanks for sharing your own FrontPoint Security review and we wish you continued fun with your new wireless home alarm system!

    Wireless Home Alarm System Reviews

    i have never used a wireless alarm system before. Do they really work as well as the hard wired types? I feel like wireless alarm system would lose signal and not work at the right times. All of these wireless alarm systems look good and I would like to purchase one from one the best wireless companies I just don’t know how reliable the wireless alarm is. Very good wireless alarm system reviews overall though. Very helpful thank you.



      Hello Hector! Thanks for your question. Wireless alarm systems are extremely reliable. Hard wired systems are not useless, but wireless alarm system have no wires that can be cut or tampered with. Feel free to read some more information in our Alarm System Blog about wireless alarm systems and their overall reliability. Hope you find a great wireless alarm system, Hector!

    Love The Wireless Alarm Systems

    I love our new wireless alarm system. Didn’t think I would all that excited to have an alarm system installed in our hosue but it’s been a blast to say the least. I love the fact i get a text message when the kids get home from school (or I can arm the system from my phone when they go to soccer and forget to arm it!). The wireless alarm sensors are tiny and not obtrusive at all. We had some friends over for dinner last week and when we brought up that we installed a new system they had no idea! They didn’t even know the sensosr were there until we told them. I know an alarm system is for safety, but it’s nice that all these other features come with it and that it doesn’t make your home look like a lockdown. Get a wireless alarm system if you’re looking for a great system and aweseome features.



    Hi there JB. Great question! The Simon system can be used as a standalone system, however, as we’ve said many times before we do not recommend having a non-monitored alarm system. It’s simply a noisemaker, and intruders are getting smarter knowing when there is a monitored wireless alarm system in the home. If you’re not sure you want to have monitoring for very long or want to “give it a shot” for a bit we suggest signing a shorter term contract with the wireless alarm company of your choosing. Companies like FrontPoint Security and Protect America are two companies you should look into. Both use the GE Simon system and offer home alarm monitoring. Good luck!

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