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What To Expect For Alarm Systems in 2013

Alarm Systems 2013

Another page has been turned and the year 2012 is in the history books. We now turn our attention to 2013 and a new year of home safety. Today we’ll talk about what to expect in the realm of home alarm systems in the year 2013.

More Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems have been the talk of the town for the last few years. More “traditional” alarm companies are recognizing that customers want an easy to use alarm system that is also effective in preventing burglaries and other emergencies. Wireless alarm systems are becoming the preferred alarm system installation for many homeowners. Can we expect improvements for wireless alarm systems? Sure. Every year there are improvements made and additional services offered by alarm system companies. 2013 is sure to bring new and exciting products and services.

Just Do It..Yourself

While wireless alarm systems have been all the rage, so has the notion that homeowners can install their own alarm system. Do it yourself alarm systems are quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of alarm system installation. No technicians or experience are needed, and a do it yourself alarm system installation will often save you some money up-front too. Keep an eye out for alarm companies offering do it yourself alarm systems, such as FrontPoint Security, Protect America and LifeShield to really make a push in 2013.

Alarm Systems “Celling” Out

As trends in the alarm industry move towards wireless and do it yourself alarm systems, another trend is the addition of cellular alarm system monitoring. Most “traditional” alarm systems still use a phone line to monitor the alarm, however, these wires can easily be cut by intruders making them less than ideal. Alarm companies have since discovered that the use of cellular alarm system monitoring can reduce defeated alarm systems and increase security. Almost every alarm system company is now offering some form of cellular alarm system monitoring.

The Best Alarm Companies Will Still Be Best

Each year we reevaluate each of the best alarm system companies and update our rankings. There were a few movers and shakers this past year, but as far as the best alarm companies go it’s going to stay pretty much the same. A few companies like FrontPoint Security and LifeShield have become two of the top alarm companies in North America, we don’t see that changing in 2013.

Overall, 2012 was another great year for alarm systems; and while a new year brings new hopes and promise the threat of a burglary or unpredictable emergency at your home still lingers. We suggest you kick of 2013 by reading our alarm system reviews and researching a new home alarm system is you haven’t done so recently. It’s always a good idea to protect your home with an alarm system. Make 2013 a great year by protecting your home and family!