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Moving? Time To Switch To A Wireless Alarm System

So, the time has come to move, and you really want to take your alarm system with you. However, you have a wired alarm system that is hooked to your land line and the alarm company who installed it has just told you that to uninstall it will cost a mere fortune. Not to mention the holes in the wall and the other unsightly marks that will be left behind. You make the decision to leave the old system alone and invest in a new wireless alarm system when you get settled in your new home. Switching to a wireless alarm system has a number of benefits.

Price For Quality

Wireless alarm systems are one of the hottest home alarm options to hit the market and offer an extremely good price for high quality alarm equipment. While the technology continues to improve, the price of the best alarm systems stay steady. Even a not-so-handy homeowner can easily install a wireless do it yourself alarm system, saving a great deal of money.

Less Vulnerable

Traditional home alarm systems are dependent on a home’s power grid, phone lines or Internet connections to operate. Some of these alarm systems have battery backup, but that will not last for an indefinite period. Traditional alarm systems are vulnerable not only to power outages but also to phone line cutting. Smart burglars know exactly how to circumvent an alarm system hooked to a landline. A wireless alarm system continues to keep a home safe even in the event that the power goes out, or a not so well informed burglar tries to cut a line that does not exist. Wireless alarm systems operate on a reliable cell-phone type of signal that, once established, will rarely fail. This provides great reassurance to homeowners.

Ease of Installation

Wireless alarm systems do not require an advanced degree in order to install! In fact, most wireless alarm systems are also do it yourself alarm systems. Technical support is generally part of the purchase package and skilled alarm representatives can talk any homeowner through the installation process that often takes less than 45 minutes. When it comes time to move, a system that is not connected by wires can be easily taken apart and re-installed at a new location. This is also a perfect option for renters who want the safety of an alarm system without permanency.


Many homeowners really appreciate the flexibility that a wireless alarm system offers. Systems are especially easy to expand as security needs change. New elements such as video monitoring, additional sensors, detectors and home automation features are available with a wireless set up. Homeowners can control lights, locks and temperature while they protect their home from theft, fire, carbon monoxide and even floods. Wireless security offers the latest in advanced home security technology and the ability create a system that is catered to individual security needs.

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