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It’s Not An Alarm System Without Interactive Monitoring

Up until recently there wasn’t much to get excited about when it came to your home alarm system. Other than the fact that it will be protecting your home and family of course. But times have changed as technology has become more advanced and the alarm system industry has added some exciting features as well. It’s time to get excited about you alarm system! Why should you be getting excited? Interactive monitoring, of course!

What is interactive monitoring? Interactive monitoring is a set of features that allow homeowners to control and maintain their alarm system when they are not at home, or even when they’re are, using a smartphone or computer. Interactive monitoring works with any cellular alarm system or broadband based alarm system. It is extremely uncommon with phone line monitoring, though. So, what all can you do with interactive monitoring that makes it so great?

First, most everyone has a smartphone these days and knows what an “app” is. Most alarm system companies provide a free app for your smartphone that you can use to “log-in” to your alarm system no matter where you are. You can use the app to arm or disarm your alarm system as well as view live or recorded video. You can also set up your alarm system to send you instant alerts about activity with your system. If there is an alarm event or someone disarms the alarm system you can receive a text message or an email letting you know about the activity.

For instance, if your son or daughter gets home from school at the same time everyday you can receive an alert when they disarm the system using their own unique pin number. This way you will know who disarmed the system and when. Not to mention if you have Z-Wave or home automation door locks you can see who unlocked the door!

Adding to the “cool” factor of interactive monitoring is the ability to manage your home thermostat or light control devices. Want to turn the light on in the foyer before you get home? No problem, just open up your app or log in online and you can turn your lights on. You can also control your thermostat to change temperature while you’re home or away. This requires that you have an approved thermostat as well as approved light control devices, but any alarm system company worth their salt should be able to point you in the right direction.

In the end, Interactive monitoring really is one of the bright spots of owning an alarm system. Like we said before it’s awesome enough that the system will be protecting you from possible burglaries or other emergencies, but interactive monitoring adds another level of fun to your home alarm system experience. Not to mention it can really help you out if you leave the home and forget to lock the door, turn out the lights, arm your alarm system or any number of things. That’s where interactive monitoring can really make your life easier. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a new alarm system or are looking to switch alarm companies you will want to make sure you ask about interactive monitoring. Some companies may have different terms for this service, but they’ll understand what you mean.

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