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Wireless Alarm System Myths

With all the information floating around these days about wireless alarm systems it’s easy to be misinformed. Wireless alarm systems have become the go-to for alarm system companies in recent years, and many “traditional” alarm companies often throw around misleading facts about wireless alarm systems. We’re here today to debunk a few of the myths about wireless alarm systems.

Perhaps the most prominent and all encompassing myth about wireless alarm systems is that they are unreliable and can be easily defeated. In fact, hard wired alarm systems are much easier to defeat than a wireless alarm system. While wireless alarm systems do work on a wireless radio frequency many systems have built-in protection against signal jamming. Not to mention that many wireless alarm systems are also cellular alarm systems, meaning no phone line is required for monitoring. Intruders cannot simply cut a phone line outside of the home to defeat the system. In the end a wireless alarm system is one of the most reliable alarm systems out there today.

Another misleading idea is that wireless alarm systems are difficult to install and difficult to maintain. With the rise of do it yourself alarm systems along with wireless alarm systems installation has never been easier. Many alarm system companies like FrontPoint Security and LifeShield offer do it yourself alarm systems that can be installed in under an hour without any tools needed. As for system maintenance the only thing you’ll ever have to do is change the batteries in the alarm sensors. This is often done once every few years and your system will notify you of any dead batteries. All in all wireless alarm systems are very simple to install and maintain.

Lastly, wireless alarm systems are thought by many to be expensive compared to other alarm systems. This is also widely exaggerated. While an intricate system with a ton of sensors, cameras and home automation devices could bring the price up basic systems that will protect most homes can be purchased for $100 or less. Sometimes the actual alarm system is provided for free when signing up for a monitoring agreement. Even when it comes to monthly monitoring fees wireless alarm systems are extremely affordable.

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