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Why You Should Choose A Cellular Alarm System

These days everything is going “cellular”. There is no way around it. You see people walking on the streets chatting, texting and browsing the internet all from their cell phone. Cell phones have connected the world like never before. You are one tap of your finger away from someone halfway around the world. Communication is easier than ever. Many believe that cellular technology is only reserved for the smartphone market. However, many of the best alarm system companies are now offering cellular alarm systems.

A cellular alarm system is one that utilizes a built in cellular device or “module” to communicate emergencies to the alarm monitoring station. The cellular alarm system does not use a standard phone line or internet connection, which is the primary method of monitoring for many alarm system companies. No, your cellular alarm system won’t be able to call you and have a conversation, but it can quickly send an emergency signal and is not easily defeated.

So, why are system companies flocking towards cellular alarm systems?

The main reason alarm companies are switching to cellular is because cellular alarm systems are much more reliable. An intruder can simply cut your phone line or internet connection and not worry about your alarm system sending a signal to the monitoring station. A cellular alarm system would have to be dismantled from the inside within a very short time frame, meaning intruders likely won’t be able to defeat the system. Not to mention many alarm companies, such as FrontPoint Security, have proprietary technology that makes it even more difficult for intruders to defeat your alarm system.

Secondly, many homeowners no longer use a standard phone line or have unreliable internet connections. A cellular alarm system is perfect for those who have gotten rid of their phone line and as long as you have some cellular signal at your home a cellular alarm system can be installed.

Lastly, a cellular alarm system is perfect for those who want to have some interactive capabilities with their system. Interactive monitoring allows you to arm/disarm your alarm system from anywhere as long as you have your smartphone or an internet connection. The cellular module allows for a faster transmission of these signals and better overall interactive experience.

In the end a cellular alarm system has a lot of benefits, most of all it will keep your family safe from harm and will not falter if you ever have an alarm emergency. You can read more about cellular alarm system and the alarm system companies that offer them by reading our alarm system reviews.