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Top Rated Alarm Systems For Apartments

The top rated alarm systems for people living in apartments are a bit different than the ones for people living in homes they own. A person living in an apartment has to take their landlord’s needs into consideration and will often have less options compared to people living in their own homes. top rated alarm systems

Nevertheless, people living in apartments can and should think about getting a security system for their apartment. Apartments can be just as secure as single-family homes and people should take steps to make them that way.

In this post we’ll go over the features of the top rated alarm systems for apartments. We’ll go over the types of alarm systems that are great for apartments as well as the companies that provide great alarm systems for people living in apartments.

Features of Top Rated Alarm Systems For Apartments

One of the primary issues renters have when buying alarm systems is the fact that they need to be able to install the system without damaging or altering the property. The easiest way to do this is to buy a system that does not need a lot of wires. A wireless alarm system will eliminate the need to run wires all throughout the apartment.

In addition to a wireless system, you’ll want to get a cellular monitored system. Traditional land-line systems can often go down in apartment complexes and you don’t want to be put in a situation where your monitoring system is not being monitored. This is a waste of money and it makes you less safe.

Tip: Regardless of what alarm system you decide to put in your apartment, make sure you ask your landlord for permission first. Most landlords care about your safety as well as the safety of their property. Not only will most landlords let you install an alarm system, but many of them will even help you pay for it. After all, an alarm system will help them protect their property as well as yours.

Some features you might want to avoid when buying an alarm system for an apartment are home automation and appliance management. Most renters want to have the flexibility to move on a regular basis and it just doesn’t make financial sense to spend money hooking up appliances they don’t own to their alarm system. Also, many landlords may be hesitant to allow their residents to hook their appliances up to their alarm systems.

Great Companies To Buy Apartment Alarm Systems From

Lifeshield, Vivint, ADT, BroadView, and FrontPoint all have great wireless alarm systems that homeowners can take advantage of. These companies also all offer a cellular monitoring plan.

Companies like ADT can install your systems for you while companies like FrontPoint can offer you great DIY alarm systems that you can install yourself. The advantage to having the system professionally installed is that it may make your landlord feel more at ease. Conversely, you may find that the DIY alarm system is the better option because you can make sure to install the system without doing any damage to the property. You’ll also know exactly how to take it out when you move, so you’ll have an easier time taking it with you when you go.