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The Best Alarm Companies For 2013

Another year is beginning and that means many people will be searching for the best alarm systems and best alarm companies to protect their homes. While there are thousands of alarm companies in the United States there are only a few major companies that make the list of best alarm companies. Here are some of the best alarm companies to keep an eye on in 2013.

Best Alarm Company #1: FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint Security is based in McLean, VA and provides alarm systems and alarm system monitoring to homes and businesses throughout North America. FrontPoint Security is known as one of the most customer friendly alarm companies in the industry. Customers love the ease of use of FrontPoint’s wireless alarm system and enjoy the simple set-up with a do it yourself alarm system installation. Not to mention all FrontPoint alarm systems come with cellular alarm monitoring. FrontPoint Security has been considered one of the best alarm companies for the past several years by consumers and the Better Business Bureau. If you’re looking to purchase a new alarm system, this is the place you should start!

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Best Alarm Company #2: LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security is considered by many to be the most affordable alarm company. LifeShield provides wireless alarm systems to customers in all 50 states. Set up is a cinch with the choice of a do it yourself alarm system installation, or a technician installation for an additional fee. LifeShield has been the fastest climber in terms of being one of the best alarm companies. Many customers like the fact that there is rarely an up-front cost for alarm equipment, monthly monitoring fees are extremely affordable and every customer is given online/remote access at no extra charge. LifeShield is quickly becoming one of the best alarm companies nationwide.

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Best Alarm Company #3: Protect America

Protect America is another one of the best alarm companies. Much like FrontPoint and LifeShield, Protect America offers a wireless alarm system. Customers can easily set up the alarm on their own with a simple do it yourself alarm system installation. Protect America is one of the more affordable companies as well as they often don’t charge an up-front fee for equipment. Although their customer service ratings have taken a hit as of late, Protect America is still one of the best alarm companies out there.

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The alarm companies above are just a few of the best alarm companies operating today. Take a look at our alarm system reviews for full reviews of each alarm company recommended by Alarm System Report. ASR only recommends the best alarm companies and best alarm systems based on expert research and consumer opinion.