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Planning Your Wireless Alarm System Installation

House Preparation Wireless Alarm System

So you’re looking in to a new wireless alarm system for your home. Naturally you may have some questions about how to prepare yourself and your home for a new wireless alarm system. Whether it is a do it yourself alarm system or you are having a technician install the system for you there are a few things you can do to stay ahead of the game.

Initially you should do a walk through of your home. Go through each room and familiarize yourself with where each entry door is, where windows are and how a potential intrusion could occur. This is also a good time to measure spaces where motion sensors may be placed. If you have already purchased your wireless alarm system you will likely no the coverage area of any motion sensors. Measuring in advance can keep the installation process short and simple. You may even mark where each alarm sensor is going to be placed in advance as well. This will be especially helpful if you’re embarking on a do it yourself alarm system installation.

If you’re new to alarm systems you may also find that getting a little bit of “practice” in will be helpful as well. Most alarm systems have a delay period when you leave your home after arming the system and when you come home. In the days leading up to the installation you can practice as if you had your alarm system installed.

If you know where your Control Panel is going to be placed you can use a substitute item for your keypad, such as a small calculator or even your tablet or laptop. Practice “typing in” your alarm code and leaving the home within thirty seconds. Then when you come home, go to the area where your Control Panel will be a “disarm” your system. This can help you get in the habit of having your alarm system armed and disarmed when you come and go – so that when your system is installed permanently you will have a routine already in place.

Lastly, if you have any last questions to ask your alarm system company before installing your alarm system it’s best to ask before going through the entire set up. The best alarm companies will have representatives available to answer any questions you have about alarm system installation or day to day use. Even after you have installed your alarm system many companies can help train you on how to use the system and give you instruction for when the alarm goes off or if there are other emergencies.

An alarm system can truly help save your home and family from potential intrusion or disaster. Installing a wireless alarm system can greatly reduce your chances of being the victim of a burglary.

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