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How To Move Your Wireless Alarm System

Moving A Wireless Alarm System

People are relocating more often than ever and if you have an alarm system in your home you may wonder about what you do with it if you move. For decades if you had an alarm system installed in your home and you decided to move you were essentially out of luck. You would have to leave the alarm system behind and have a new one installed in your new residence. With the rise of wireless alarm systems and do it yourself alarm systems moving your alarm system to a new home is easier than ever.

Many alarm system companies like FrontPoint Security, Protect America and LifeShield Security offer do it yourself alarm system solutions that allow you to take your wireless alarm system with you to a new home. Because you would have set up the alarm system yourself in the first place it should be a piece of cake to take it down. Most wireless alarm systems will use a double sided adhesive to secure the alarm sensors. So the first step is to pull off all of your sensors. Actually, let’s take step back. First, you will want to make sure the alarm system is disarmed! You don’t want your alarm system to trigger when you’re taking it down to move it. It might also be helpful to notify your alarm system company that you’re going to be removing your system in order to move it to a new home.

Once you have taken down your alarm sensors you can disconnect your Control Panel or “hub”. When you are ready to move the system to the new house you can simply place the alarm sensors around your new home and plug in your Control Panel. If you need additional sensors for your wireless alarm system you can contact your alarm system company or search around online for additional parts. Reasons you may need extra sensors include if you have more doors or windows at your new home, or you moved from a smaller living space to a larger one.

After getting your alarm system equipment set up at your new home it’s time to contact your alarm system company to make sure everything is working as it should, and to let them know your new address if you haven’t done so already.

Ultimately, your wireless alarm system will function the same way it did at your previous residence, just make sure to keep track of where you place your sensors in the new house. This way you know which sensors are which in case you have to replace a battery, turn off a sensor or do some reprogramming. Overall, moving a wireless alarm system to a new home is pretty quick and easy. You can ask your alarm system company for some guidance if needed, but it should be a fairly painless endeavor.

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