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Home Alarm Systems and Pets

Home Alarm Systems and Pets

Many homeowners with pets shy away from home alarm systems because they are afraid that the animals will set the system off or cause other problems that interfere with the effectiveness of the alarm system. However, a properly installed home alarm system accounts for all of the challenges that a pet owner may face when it comes to certain alarm system equipment like motion sensors. Below are a few things to keep in mind when considering a home alarm system that will accommodate your pets and provide you with optimal protection.

Motion Sensors

Home alarm systems come equipped with motion detectors that are meant to detect movement both inside or outside of a home. Pets who set off motion sensors may cause a false alarm which may cost you extra each time it happens, depending on the type of monitoring contract you are signed up for. To avoid motion sensors being set off by your pets, you should first monitor areas where your pets frequent and then consider disabling the motion sensors connected to your home alarm system in these areas or use alternate alarm system equipment like glass break sensors or window sensors. You could also install the sensors in such a way so that pets could not set them off. This may require a height or angle adjustment after you have watched your pets move around the house for a few days. Lastly, many motion detectors sold by the best alarm system companies are “pet-friendly” up to a certain weight limit.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Installing a wireless alarm system is the best option for pet owners. Some pets, especially young dogs love to chew on wires and will happily chew when left unattended. A wireless alarm system employs advanced technology which will keep your pets from setting off or disabling the system or even hurting themselves. A home alarm system that is 100% wireless can save you headaches.

Home Alarm System Window and Door Sensors

Pets, especially dogs, love to jump on doors and windows in an effort to see out. A quick modification on the height of both window and door sensors on most home alarm systems will solve this problem. Again, it is best to watch your pets for a few days after installing a system so that you can see what modifications will be most effective – and make changes if needed.

Wireless Cameras

To keep your pets extra safe you may wish to install a wireless camera so that you can watch them while you are not home. Many of the top alarm systems have advanced technology that allow cameras to be connected.

Top Alarm System Companies Work with Pet Owners

Some of the best alarm system companies will work with you to ensure that your pet-friendly home will be safe. Professionals understand that many home owners have pets and will provide skilled technicians to install pet-safe systems or provide detailed information for do-it-yourself systems. It is imperative that you let the home security company know that your home is pet-friendly before purchasing and installing a system.

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