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Common Alarm System Questions

Common Alarm System Questions

There are very few people in this world that know everything about a particular topic. The experts at Alarm System Report are some of those people. When it comes to the world of alarm systems our experts know their stuff, and they aren’t shy about letting people know. Today we focus on some of the more common questions consumers have about alarm systems.

Q: Is A Wireless Alarm System Better Than A Hard Wired Alarm System?

A: When it comes to wireless alarm systems versus hard wired alarm systems it’s not necessarily about which one is “better”. Both a wireless and hard wired alarm system can protect your home and will function similarly. The main attraction to wireless alarm systems are that they are simple to install, easy to use and can be taken with you if you move. Wireless alarm systems are also considered more reliable as there are no wires for an intruder to cut.

Q: I Don’t Have A Phone Line. Can I Still Install An Alarm System?

A: The short answer is yes. Nowadays you do not need a home phone line in order to have your home alarm system monitored. Many alarm system companies have multiple monitoring options including phone line, broadband and cellular monitoring. Ultimately cellular alarm system monitoring is the safest and most reliable method of monitoring your home alarm system. If cellular monitoring is not an option where you live you can ask the alarm system company about alternatives.

Q: Are Do It Yourself Alarm Systems Easy To Install?

A: Do it yourself alarm systems are all the rage with the top alarm companies. Many folks shy away from a do it yourself alarm system because they believe it will be too difficult to install. In fact, do it yourself alarm systems are extremely easy to install with no experience required. You won’t even need to bust out the toolbox. Most DIY systems can be installed in less than an hour and most alarm system companies will offer assistance by phone or online if needed.

Q: I Have An Old Alarm System But Want A New Company What Do I Do?

A: This is a pretty common dilemma. Many times an old alarm system will not be compatible with the newer monitoring technologies available. This is especially true if you have had your alarm system for more than four or five years. If you have a generally newer alarm system it’s likely you can find an alarm system company to “take it over” and use the same equipment. In the end it may be beneficial to get a new alarm system installed if the price is within your budget.

Q: I Need Help Choosing An Alarm System Company. Where Do I Go?

A: You may have answered your own question. Alarm System Report is a great source for alarm system reviews and information about the best alarm systems and alarm system companies. Our alarm system reviews cover everything from alarm system equipment and installation to alarm system pricing and customer service. We even have a section with alarm system discounts and coupons.

These are just a few questions that are common when people are looking for a new alarm system. We’ll be adding many more common questions in the coming months to help consumers like you get their questions answered. The most you know about a product and company the better choice you can make when purchasing a new alarm system.