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Alarm System Report knows exactly how to get the best deals on your next home alarm system. We scour the web for the best alarm system coupons, discount codes, and current promotions from the top security system companies. There is simply no better way to save than with our alarm system coupons and discount codes.

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Have an Alarm System Coupon to Share?

If you have a coupon or discount code for an alarm system company, we’ll list it on our site to share with our visitors. We’re only interested in finding the best coupon codes that are currently offers. All discount codes and coupons must be currently active and will be checked that they are still valid. If you want to share your alarm system coupon code, please email us at with the following information:

  • Coupon or Discount Code
  • Company Name
  • Start Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Description

When we get the coupon code from you, we will test it prior to listing it on our site for homeowners to use when buying a home alarm system.

Secret Promotions vs Coupons Discount Codes

Finding a valid discount code or coupon for your alarm system is pretty difficult online. While there are many to find, most are expired or no longer valid promotions for the company. knows exactly how companies work and knows that most companies empower their sale staff with the ability to discount a sale in order to close a deal.

The easiest thing to do is to call each company above and ask them directly about any promotions or deals that may tempt your to make an order immediately. The salesperson is likely to push back a bit, but a little persistence will get you a discount that no other alarm system coupon can provide. It takes a little time, but the savings are better than any discount code you’ll find online.

We always recommend this method to finding the best deal on your next home alarm system.

Expired Alarm System Coupon and Discount Codes

Most of the coupons you find online for alarm systems are going to be expired and no longer valid. This is typical, but you can still try to use those codes to get a deal. Take the coupon and call each company directly. Tell the salesperson that you have a code that you’d like to redeem, but is no longer available. Ask if the salesperson can help you redeem the discount despite the expiration on the home alarm system coupon. 90% of the time, the salesperson will jump at the opportunity to build in a discount in order to get the sale.

This strategy also works with other home alarm system company coupons. If you find a great deal from a specific company, try to call other companies to see if they’ll price match your coupon or discount code. Most times, companies will meet the deal offered by a competitor and you’re much more likely to get a competitor to redeem an expired coupon code.

Alarm System Price Matching

The ultimate way to save while buying a home alarm system is to get quotes from all of the companies above. You don’t need to have a security system discount code to take advantage of pricing matching. The quotes can then be used to leverage your position against a salesperson. Simply provide the salesperson for the company you want to buy from with quotes from their competitors. Ask if they are willing to do a price match or offer a discount that is comparable to the offers being submitted by other alarm system companies. Most alarm system companies offer price matching services or are willing to heavily discount their rates to close a deal.


Finding The Best Alarm System Discounts

Everyone is looking for a great deal these days, and looking for a great deal on a home alarm system is no different. However, finding the best alarm system discounts can be challenging from time to time. Luckily you’ve found Alarm System Report. Alarm System Report offers some of the best alarm system coupons that can found online. We keep a close eye on the discounts being offered by alarm companies and try to post them up as soon as we know about them.

You can also find alarm company discounts by visiting our alarm system reviews. Our alarm system reviews extensively cover each alarm company and system as well as having unique alarm system coupons for each alarm company.

The best way to get a top alarm system discount is to call the alarm company for pricing. Many times the company or salesman will have an unannounced discount or promotion running, this is especially true at the beginning or end of the month. You may find yourself with a free month of alarm service or significant savings off of your alarm system purchase.


Comparing Alarm System Discounts

When comparing alarm system discounts from different alarm companies there are a few things to consider. Keep in mind the type of alarm system that you are looking at. Whether it’s a wireless alarm system, cellular alarm system, do it yourself alarm system or whichever. The type of alarm system can have a great effect on the type of alarm system discount you are receiving. The pricing model of the company can also affect the discount or how much you are really saving.

For example, one alarm company may offer you an alarm system coupon for two free months of service, but they may have a contract length that is two or more months longer than another company who is only offering an alarm system coupon for the up-front equipment cost. You also have to take in to account the cost of alarm system monitoring and the type of monitoring that is being offered. These can all factor in to how the discount is perceived. Don’t just look at the number at face value, but evaluate how much that alarm system discount is really going to save you compared to another company.


Negotiating Alarm System Pricing

You don’t have to be a president of the debate team or some sort of consumer shark to get the best alarm system pricing and negotiating the cost of your alarm system. There are just a few things to keep in mind and in your back pocket. If you do these things you will be well on your way to getting the best alarm system pricing and discounts.

First, make sure to contact at least two alarm system companies to get a quote and ask a few questions. Once you have obtained pricing from each company its time to ask about any alarm system discounts that they may be offering. Make sure to ask each company about their discounts and how long they are valid for.

Second, remember not to always jump at the first deal or opportunity. Some companies may tell you that the discount you have been offered is only good if you purchase right then on that call. If you hang up you may lose it. This is no way to treat a customer, or an alarm system discount for that matter. Just because someone offers you something doesn’t mean you have to take it right away. Plus, the odds are in your favor that there will be a similar discount or offering if you call back. Not to mention that most companies will keep a discount valid for at least 24-48 hours at minimum, if not longer.

Finally, use the quotes you have obtained from other companies to try to get a better alarm system coupon from the one you want. If you let them know you have been looking in to other companies but want to go with their company if they can get the right price they will often jump at the chance to offer you a better discount. Sometimes this will require approval from a manager, but in the end the company would much rather have you as a customer than not.


Keep Checking Back For Alarm System Discounts

If you’re just looking around for an alarm system now but aren’t planning on purchasing one for a little bit you can wait for the right time by keeping an eye on the alarm system discounts and coupons listed at Alarm System Report. Perhaps you’re not moving for another month, or have that one last home project to complete before you can install a system. Whatever it may be checking back for alarm system discounts can help you pick the right time to purchase you new alarm system.


Questions About Alarm System Discounts

Below are some of the common questions about alarm system discounts:

Can I Combine Two Alarm System Coupons?

The short answer is probably no. However, if you find an alarm system coupon for a certain amount of off alarm equipment and another for a free month of alarm service it won’t hurt to ask the alarm company if you can use them both. Again, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use both coupons at the same time, but if they really want your business they may accept. Make sure to check the alarm system coupon for any disclaimers.

Will My Alarm System Discount Expire?

While there are many ongoing promotions and alarm system discounts it is possible that the coupon or discount could expire at some point. This may be true if there are special alarm coupons for holiday events or for the beginning or end of the month. Some may last a day, a week, a month or longer. Again, it’s important to look for any disclaimers or rules for the coupon. Lastly, if you think you might have an expired coupon but it’s a deal you really want there is no harm in contacting the alarm system company to ask if they can still honor the alarm system coupon you have.

Can Coupons Be Used For Additional Equipment After Purchase?

This one really comes down to the discretion of the alarm company. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Most of the time the alarm system coupon will only apply to the initial cost or sale and will not be eligible to be used for any additional equipment purchases after the fact. Again, the alarm company may honor the coupon or may have some other incentives for additional equipment purchases.

Do Alarm Companies Give Discounts For Referrals?

Many alarm companies do have some sort of referral program that can benefit not only the new customer but the existing customer that referred them. It’s best to ask the alarm company about any alarm system discounts or incentives you may receive for referring customers or being referred. Some of the incentives may include discounts on additional alarm equipment or a free month of alarm monitoring service. Either way, getting a discount of any kind for simply telling others about your great experience is easy and worth it.


How To Get The Best Alarm System Discounts

As we mentioned before there are several things you can do to get a great alarm system discount. You have already got your foot in the door by visiting Alarm System Report, reading alarm system reviews and looking for alarm system coupons and discounts. But what are some other ways to get the best alarm system discounts?

First, check Alarm System Report’s alarm system coupons page and skim through the different coupons for each alarm system company. Next, call each alarm company to compare pricing and ask some questions. Remember to find out if the alarm company is offering any unadvertised discounts, as these can often be better than the coupons they advertise. This is what we call “coupon baiting”. The company advertises a modest coupon to get people interested. Some will simply accept that coupon for what it’s worth and buy right then, but you’ll also get several people calling that may not have called otherwise. This is a time when alarm companies bring out the big guns in terms of alarm system discounts.

Finally, be patient. You don’t have to jump at the first coupon you see. Give the company a call, ask some questions, but don’t feel like you need to buy right away or you’ll be missing out. The best alarm companies will not be pushy and will not tell you that the coupon expires at the end of your phone call. The best ones will give a little time to mull it over if you really need to. In this case it might be a good idea to compare the discounts or make a couple more calls. Otherwise, if you run into an alarm system discount that you simply can’t turn down, well then more power to you.


Contact The Alarm Companies For A Quote

Right here at Alarm System Report we have the best alarm system reviews around. We also have ways for you to get in touch with each alarm company that you may find on our site or be interested in already. There are a few ways that you can contact alarm companies to compare quotes, get alarm system pricing, and finding alarm system discounts.

The first place you can find alarm company contact information is by reading the specific alarm system review of the company. The phone number should be listed under each section of the alarm system review so you can have the number in front of you when you get the inkling to call.

Another way to get a quote or multiple quotes is by submitting your information in our contact form. On every review we have a contact form at the bottom of the review so you can enter your information and have the alarm company call you at your convenience. You can even have multiple companies call you to give you quotes well.

Finally, by submitting your information through Alarm System Report or mentioned on your call that that’s where you found the company you may be entitled to additional alarm system discounts. While this is not guaranteed we do work closely with some alarm companies that provide discounts to customers who have done their research on Alarm System Report, mainly because of the trusted information and thorough nature of our alarm system reviews.



    Tips For Getting The Best Alarm System Discounts

    Find the best alarm system discount doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. Alarm System Report not only provides the best alarm system reviews but we show alarm system discounts and coupons for each of the top alarm system companies.

    To find the best alarm system discounts you should:

    1. Find alarm system company discounts at Alarm System Report
    2. Call each alarm system company company to get a quote and see about other incentives or discounts.
    3. Wait until you receive an alarm system quote before asking about your coupon

    By doing this you can hold out for the best possible discounts from the alarm company before telling them about the coupon you found. The company may have a better discount that is unadvertised, maybe not. EIther way you’ll know you’re betting the best deal possible.

    FrontPoint Security Coupons

    What’s the best way to use FrontPoint Security coupons and discounts that I find here? Are these alarm discounts available all the time or do they expire?


      Hey there! Thanks for visiting Alarm System Report. The FrontPoint Security coupons we offer here are the most recent offers from FrontPoint Security. We currently have a special offer advertised as well for free overnight shipping – however that may expire shortly. If the coupon is listed on our site then it is recent and available. You may want to double check with the alarm company when calling, however, just to make sure. You can also ask the alarm company about any special or unadvertised discounts that may be available. Good luck!


      Hello! The FrontPoint Security coupons and discounts found here on Alarm System Report will be valid for any purchase you make. If the coupon is shown, it is still valid. Some coupons may have an expiration date and if so it will be clearly marked. You can also try calling FrontPoint Security to ask about any unadvertised sales or special deals.

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