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Advantages Of Do It Yourself Alarm Systems

If you have had any exposure to the home alarm system industry then you probably know that there is more than one type of alarm system installation. Traditionally, a technician or installer would come out to your home, determine your needs and begin hammering away. This type of installation often requires drilling, running wires and a full days labor at your home. Many homeowners found this method of alarm system installation to be intrusive, damaging and time consuming. Alarm system companies decided a newer, more efficient method of installation would benefit homeowners. Thus the invention of the do it yourself alarm system.

A do it yourself alarm system is fairly self-explanatory. It is an alarm system than you can install yourself. These are often wireless alarm systems because homeowners don’t want the hassle of having to use tools or run wires like the traditional installation. A do it yourself alarm system has many advantages over a “traditional” technician installed alarm system.

One of the primary benefits of a do it yourself alarm system is the minimal time it takes to install. Alarm system companies like FrontPoint Security, Protect America and LifeShield boast that their do it yourself alarm systems can be installed in under an hour. That is a far cry from the half-day or full-day installations with hard wired alarm systems.

Secondly, like we mentioned before do it yourself alarm systems are also wireless alarm systems. This makes for a much easier installation without having to use tools or run wires. In essence you only need your two hands and a little bit of spare time to install a do it yourself alarm system. Alarm sensors are attached with a double sided adhesive and most Control Panel’s can be set on a tabletop or counter. However, both the alarm sensors and Control Panel can easily be mounted to the wall with a small screw as well. So if you’re a master with the Phillips head and want to mount your sensors or Control Panel that’s no issue, and it probably won’t add many minutes to your project.

Another primary advantage to a do it yourself alarm system is the fact you can move it with you to a new home. These days folks move around the country for jobs, family, recreation or whatever tickles the travel bug. With a hard wired or technician installed alarm system you would be out of luck. With a do it yourself alarm system you can bring your security with you. Most alarm system companies that offer do it yourself alarm systems can give you simple instructions for moving your alarm system. Such as taking the sensors down, unplugging your Control Panel, re-installing at your new home and calling the company with your new address. You can also add additional alarm system equipment to your system very easily if you need additional devices.

Lastly, a do it yourself alarm system allows the homeowner to be “one” with his or her home alarm system. What I mean is you will be more cognizant of how your alarm system works, how it is setup and interacts with your home and how to fix minute issues. Many people simply have their alarm system installed for them and never learn how to use it or what everything does. When setting up a system yourself you take more pride in learning what each sensor is and how it operates, prompting you to take a few minutes to learn the nuances of your new alarm system.

Overall, a do it yourself alarm system has many advantages over more “traditional” alarm systems. The ease of installation, use and maintenance along with a reduction in labor time make a do it yourself alarm system the prime choice for many homeowners.

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